Fincantieri 游艇Ganimede 110 113米

Fincantieri 游艇Ganimede 110 113米
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Fincantieri Yachts "Ganimede 110"
Tipo Yacht
Super Yacht
Cantiere navale
Fincantieri Yachts
Design Exterior
Hot Lab Designer
Design Interior
Hot Lab Designer
Lunghezza / Larghezza / Altezza
113 m / 15.7 m / 4.3 m
370.64 ft / 49.2 ft / 13.12 ft
Velocità massima
19 nodi
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Fincantieri Yachts
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According to the Greek myth, Ganymede, the most beautiful of mortals, was abducted by Zeus, in the form of an eagle, and brought to Olympus to live with the gods.
From Greek mythology to the sea: the Ganimede concept is based on ethereal, timeless beauty deriving from a combination of zoomorphic shapes inspired by the eagle and how it was represented during the Art Deco and Rationalist period. Streamlined, long lines have been used for the main volumes, stretching it out towards the horizon and creating a powerful contrast with the angular zoomorphic elements.
The resulting effect is one of unique and original harmonious elements that are nonetheless contrasting: 113 metres of pure elegance and beauty.
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Fincantieri Yachts
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