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Gli ultimi post della regata (Twitter e Instagram). Inviata dall'organizzatore e direttamente dalla barca regata.

Team Vestas:

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Our team is deeply saddened to report that, last night, the blue boat collided with a fishing boat. Unfortunately, a fatality has occurred amongst the crew of the fishing vessel involved:

Big, big win for @scallywaghk leading @volvooceanrace into their home port of Hong Kong, great tactics from @LibbyGreenhalgh and Team. Really sorry to hear about a dramatic crash for @Vestas11thHour and wishing everyone the best.

We are deeply saddened to inform that the collision between @Vestas11thHour & a fishing vessel has resulted in a fatality of a crew member of the fishing vessel. More ➡️

🆕 UPDATE: Vestas 11th Hour Racing has been involved in a collision with a non-race vessel before the finish of Leg 4. Full story:

Some updates on the #blueboat from the past couple of hours:
➡️ @teamAkzoNobel diverted to assist and later resume racing
➡️ @Vestas11thHour officially retires from #Leg4 and continues to #HongKong by motor.

Full story:

More to follow.

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2018 London Boat Show as a five-day event with more than 52,000 visitors #lbs18 #londonboatshow

How to tie a knot! 👏
We should open a section of online teaching! 😂🤣
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“Royals” for the boot 2018 arriving in Düsseldorf. Starting with the spectacular unloading of nine luxury yachts from pontoons onto flatbed trucks.
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