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Gli ultimi post della regata (Twitter). Inviata dall'organizzatore e direttamente dalla barca regata.

Team Brunel:

IS THIS THE NEXT STEP😱?! Drones allowed you to follow us around the globe from your comfy chair. Yet, we always want harder, better, faster! That's why we partnered up with the @DroneRaceLeague to see what the future holds for us! #teambrunel

Exchanges and sharing of experience aboard the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild! @peteburling was Gitana Team’s guest for a day’s ‘flying’ offshore of Lorient.

Thanks to the @volvooceanrace and @brunelsailing for the @Y_Riou images from the Southern Ocean.


Victory and loss, euphoria and disappointment, tragedy and fortune. This edition of the Volvo Ocean Race was a rollercoaster ride to remember. Grab a drink🍹, take a seat🛋️ and enjoy our final race recap😍! #teambrunel

Yesterday was a GOOD day😄! We won the Brunel In-Port Race and because of that took the 3rd place in the overall rankings! These are the best photos! #TeamBrunel 📷 Jasper van Staveren


✔ @BrunelSailing take home glory 🇳🇱
✔ @TurnTidePlastic move off bottom of overall standings! ☝️
✔ @DongfengRacing & @teamAkzoNobel make podium 🎉

Here's the #volvooceanrace Brunel In-Port Race @VOR_DenHaag 125 seconds 👊

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