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Gli ultimi post della regata (Twitter). Inviata dall'organizzatore e direttamente dalla barca regata.

Team DongFeng:

Leg 11, Day 2: Dongfeng and MAPFRE fight for every boat length as the fleet compresses behind them. Read more here: #volvooceanrace


Come on @CCaudrelier and @DongfengRacing this last leg is yours!!!! @volvooceanrace 🤘

0145UT - @DongfengRacing have managed to equalise with @desafioMAPFRE again and the two boats are within 0.02Nm DTF. But a wind transition coming up in the next couple of hours could change this again... Likely that the crews onboard have had very little sleep. #watchlog #intense

✔️ @DongfengRacing holding the lead by just 0.1nm 😱
✔️ @brunelsailing closing the gap to under 9nm 👊
✔️Just over 500nm left of #Leg11 ⏰

It's all on for the fleet as they negotiate lighter breeze heading north ☝️ #VolvoOceanRace


So many support boats following us to the Marina of Aarhus! And this was only the beginning...the marina was packed with people! A little cr

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Volvo Ocean Race

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